My first UK Gov Camp

My First UK Gov Camp

I’m a reflector so knew I would need time to be able to process my first ever experience of UK Gov Camp (ukgc12).

I needed time before I would be able to explore both what I took from the weekend and how it made me feel (I’m also a feeler).

So, here’s my Slee list…

1. I’m not in Corporate Coms, IT dev or Web. I manage a Localgov front line service that isn’t digital by default. Our customers aren’t digital by default. I’m not digital by default. So, what was I doing at ukgovcamp? Was I gate-crashing? Yes, probably. Did that matter? Absolutely not.

2. Front line services need to embrace govcamps just as govcamps need to embrace front line services. We can learn from a different perspective. It’s also good to think about how digital could apply to the needs of a specific group of customers, especially those that can’t self-serve.

3. I LOVE Twitter, for many different reasons, but it’s not the be all and end all when it comes to monitoring and evaluation. Look at the overall business objectives, decide which the best channel is for your customers and then develop a plan for monitoring each channel, based on objectives. Simples.

4. I came away without a t-shirt #fail

5. If you follow someone on-line who you meet off-line, go say Hi, betcha they say Hi back, you’ll have a chat and network/friendships start to form.

6. Some people like the sounds of their own voice and there was a bit of self-promotion going on. I didn’t like this and I let my feet do the walking.

7. I felt like I was still ‘taking’ and wondered if or when I might be able to give a little back.

8. I don’t mind asking simple (stupid to others) questions. Over the weekend I asked a couple of people ‘What is Open Data?’ Turns out I have some experience of this but didn’t realise that was its name badge.

9. Terminology and language can be both powerful and dangerous. We need to challenge when it isn’t appropriate, and explain why.

10. I like visiting that fancy London town and it made me realise I LOVE living in Shropshire.

11. Next time I have to choose a hotel room with a window or a TV, I’ll choose the window. Whilst it’s important to know what’s going on in the world, it’s vital to see your own view and perspective on the world.

12. I like pretty wordles pictures

13. Sod’s Law of Camp means there will be a clash in sessions you want to attend. This happened to me with Content Strategy and Multi-Agency Working/Safeguarding. I hope there will be blogs on both so I don’t feel I missed out too much

14. I love lists. My post camp to do list is massive. Ace.

15. I travelled over 150 miles to have a chat with our amazing corporate digital lead. I’ve since requested a more local meeting, especially as it’s their turn to bring the #cake.

16. I want to say a massive thank you to Dave, Steph and Lloyd for organising and facilitating. Big thanks to Microsoft for hosting and to the generosity of the sponsors for supporting. You’re all epic. Fact.

17. Someone asked me what I wanted to get from the weekend and I said I wanted to come away with a hoarse voice from talking too much and a head spinning with ideas. That was easy. Job done.

Kate Bentham

24th January 2012


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