Account Overload

As I set up yet another social media account recently, it made me think of all of the social media accounts I have access to and it made me long for an account manager, someone who could not only to help me remember all of the login details but to remind me which hat I should be wearing for which account. Here’s a few of the accounts have and why.

Twitter – personal
I’ve been on Twitter for just over a year now, and really enjoy the information it shares, people it has introduced me to, and the fun I’ve had along the way. Everyday is a school day on Twitter with lots to learn. I hope to meet to have meet ups with Twitter folk one day and eat the same cake.

Twitter – work
I manage a work Twitter account which is going really well. It’s helped to build networks, spread news and gather information. There’s new followers on a daily basis. What’s interesting is the gradual shift in more parents on Twitter as parents, rather than in their professional capacity. Is Twitter is becoming more mainstream?

Twitter – community
When the time is ready I will help out on the Weekly Blog Club twitter account. I’m looking forward to supporting WBC in this way.

Twitter – cake related
My name could be Cake Bentham, as I have a fondest for a bit of sponge. So I set bagsed the twitter name. It’s silly. It’s just a bit of fun. There’s photos of cake involved.

Twitter – spoof
I set up a spoof account. It’s silly. It’s just a bit of fun. There’s no cake involved in this one and yet amazingly, it does alright for followers.

Facebook – personal
I set up a Facebook account a few years back to keep in touch with family and friends and even managed to reacquaint myself with some long lost friends.  It does it’s job, it allows me to share and see photos, plan nights out with friends, keep in touch with people. I’ve locked the account down in terms of privacy and have very strict (self imposed) rules on who I become friends with – not that there‘s anything secretive or special going on with it, in fact I hardly post on there but there‘s personal stuff on there that I wouldn’t want random people I once went to school with seeing.

Facebook – work
I manage a work Facebook account aimed at parents, carers and families, which is great fun to do. I share news and information and also try to show a bit of a human side too. I need parents to know we’re real, trustworthy and can empathise with their situation. I also know that parents are just like me when it comes to using Facebook – it’s a very personal space and I need to keep in mind that parents have Liked us enough for us to appear in their timeline alongside updates from their loved ones.

Face book – community
I also have access to the Facebook page for a digital event I was involved in planning. The event is on hold at the moment.

Blog – personal
I set up a Posterous blog last year as I found it quite straight forward – more so than WordPress. I try to blog weekly, about all sorts of random stuff – work, life, love. I’ve enjoyed blogging.

Blog – work
Having set up and blogged personally for a few months, I could see the massive potential blogging offered my service, so I asked if I could set up one for work. A big fat supportive and encouraging yes came back. We were advised to use WordPress and launched at the beginning of May – with guest blogs from other services, blogs from parents and information blogs from us. I’m pleased with how it’s going, and had some really good feedback. I’ve discovered that it’s actually quite rare for a local gov service to have a blog, so I feel very lucky.

Blog – personal
Using WordPress for work may me see how easy a system it was, so I’ve set one up as a personal blog. I am going to attempt to try and separate out my blogs – keep Posterous for more personal blogs and WordPress for more work related blogs. There’s natural ‘Life leak’* in everything we do but some of my blogs so far have been one or the other.

Blog – community
I’ve been set up on the Weekly Blog Club ** account, so when my time is ready I can support the club in another way. I’m looking forward to it, with a bit of apprehension, when that time comes.

Blog – community
I also have access to the Facebook page for a digital event I was involved in planning. The event is on hold at the moment.

Google + – personal
I set up a Google + account when they were issuing golden tickets last summer. I haven’t posted anything on there but it has been useful in allowing me to set one up for work as it gave me a bit of an insight into the platform and it’s functionality, and how my service could use those features.

Google+ – work
It’s not right that my work account comes through my personal account but it was the only way I could do it at the time. Information Governance have rightly suggested this is looked at and I will with the support of our corporate digital comms team. I suspect we’re the first service in our local gov who have gone down Google + route so there isn’t as much knowledge about this platform as others.

So, I make that 15. That’s quite a lot over 4 platforms.

Kate Bentham
4th July 2012

* Phil Jewitt writes about Life Leak here

** Weekly Blog Club can be found here

4 thoughts on “Account Overload

  1. 15? Is that all?!

    Seriously though, you’ve probably got way more than that; You Tube, LinkedIn, Flickr, Last.FM, forums and more all count as social networks. I find it’s not so much the number that I struggle with, more the different expectations on me for each one; what should I say via which account with which group at which time.

    In the end I refer myself back to a related quote: “I find if I tell the truth all the time I have less need to remember everything”.

    • Thanks for the comment Geln. It does look as if 15 is a little on the low side – it’s interesting finding out the magic number of others, I guess you have one less on your list now 😉 I see you’re heading to #localgovcamp – with a session on blogging, looking forward to that one! See you there. Kate (sorry for the delay in replying – been without a computer for a few days.)

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