My Localgovcamp 2012 list

I like lists, they’re:-

  • To the point
  • Easy to read
  • Make me feel organised

I also like localgovcamp, because

  • It’s for people with an interest in:-
  1. Social Media
  2. Digital
  3. Local gov
  4. Central gov
  5. People
  6. Processes
  7. Platforms
  8. Making stuff work better for users
  9. Cake
  10. this list is actually endless and it should always be endless, different interests bring different views and ideas.
  • There were a handful of other frontline services too. This makes me happy. I hope there will continue to be an shift to encourage and support those that don’t work for corporate/central web/IT/comms to come along to gov camps. The ideas of the practitioner is one which needs to be heard as well.
  • As more frontline services come to camps a great network can develop with those who know how, supporting those that what to know how.  Geek and practitioner coming together in a camp to solve the problem jointly.
  • There was a session on social care. There was even the mention of families and children. There was also a session on Universal Credit. It’s utterly brilliant that at a gov camp we can have discussions about specific topics and specific types of service users and how we can overcome barriers to access for those users.
  • Locagovcamp this year didn’t feel so techy, this is a bonus for us non-techy folk.
  • Shropshire was well represented, and that’s a good thing. There’s lots of good things going on in Shropshire which we sometimes don’t shout about loud enough.
  • The blogging session showed there was much respect for @welovelocalgov and for Glen Ocskoand Gareth Youngfor the blogs they wrote. There was natural concern for personal life leak in blogs, and the dangers of writing anything which may go against your employers grain. Welovelocalgov was not only well written but well balanced, it was fair.
  • There was love in the room for Weekly Blog Club. It’s there to encourage anyone working in the public or voluntary sector to blog. From the blogging session it seems more and more people what to blog either in a personal capacity or through work, and weekly blog club offers a great support network.
  • At ever camp I go to I meet ace people. This camp was no exception as there’s a lot of ace people doing a lot of ace things in local gov.
  • Discussions aren’t contained to that one moment in time. Ideas are developed and progress online.
  • My brain didn’t explode as it has at previous camps and this made me reflect on my own knowledge and how that has developed over the last 12 months. I also had examples of campaigns and work I had done. It felt good to be able to share a bit as well as still taking a lot.
  • Dave Briggs knows how to put on a good camp. Big thanks to Dave and team, facilitators of sessions, sponsors and attendees.

Kate Bentham

16th July 2012


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