A Weekly Blog Club Photomarathon Challenge

A few weeks back the brilliant Janet Davis set Weekly Blog Club a challenge – to consider 8 songs about us based on specific topics. Janet’s challenge is here. Although the challenge was rock hard, it was still accepted by a number of Weekly Club bloggers. It was a great way of not only being introduced to new songs, as well as being reminded of classic such as Right Said Fred (see that Mark Braggins for that one) but, and more importantly, it also gave us the opportunity to get to know fellow bloggers a little bit more, to have a little bit of life leak and to build on the Weekly Blog Club community.

In the week 34 summery Janet encouraged bloggers to submit photographs for use on the blog site and this got me thinking of another challenge…

Last year Woodford Foundation (empowering deaf children and young people across the world) ran a Photomarathon in Shrewsbury which involved teams taking photos of 8 topics and submitting a photo representing those topics within an 8 hours timeframe. The topics were all key words for the charity and were:-

  1. Access
  2. Inclusion/Exclusion
  3. Hidden
  4. Together
  5. Sound/Noise/Silence
  6. Community
  7. Communication
  8. Awareness

You can see some of the photos from the photomarathon on the Woodford’s Facebook page here.

So, I thought we could set a Weekly Blog Club Photomaration based on words specific to Weekly Blog Club – the photos of which could then be used on the header of the blog site.

The topics

  1. A sense of the place you live
  2. A sense of the place you work
  3. Community/family
  4. Communication
  5. Storytelling
  6. Social Media
  7. Friendship
  8. Technology
  9. Environment
  10. Blogging

The rules

  • You can submit photos representing as many of the topics as you want to, but extra cake for those who submit photos for all topics.
  • Please blog about your photos, and why that image represents that particular topic.
  • The deadline is Thursday 27th September, which is three weeks so plenty of time – although squidgy deadlines are available.
  • Photo can also be emailed to weeklyblogclub@gmail.com

The technical bit

The images should be JPEGs and the suggested width for the header used on the Weekly Blog Club site is at least 1000 pixels wide and 288 pixels high, at 72dpi – if you have an additional quality setting, you should aim for between 4 and 6 out of 10, probably. File size should be between 35 and 100Kb for header images.

If this sounds a bit too technical please don’t be put off – you can always email your image to the Weekly Blog Club email address – the lovely Janet has kindly offered to help crop and change the image to the right size.

So are you up for the challenge?

Kate Bentham

6th September 2012

2 thoughts on “A Weekly Blog Club Photomarathon Challenge

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