My 15 Favourite quotes from #digifutures12

Today I’ve been to Digital Futures to explore how digital media can improve the way organisations communicate with residents and deliver services. You can find out more at the Digital Futures blog. There were some wonderful, motivating and captivating speakers at the event – here’s my favourite quotes from the day.

  1. The future is here, it’s just not evenly distributed – William Gibson via – Nick Jones
  2. Create once, publish everywhere – Nick Jones
  3. Create, connect, share – Nick Jones
  4. Focus your website on the top tasks based on data and evidence of customers journey – Vicky Sargent
  5. Disability is the main cause of the digital divide – Alison Smith
  6. Listen, iterate, deliver – Louise Kidney
  7. Open by default, digital by design – Carrie Bishop
  8. When using digital to design we need to behave like citizens Nick Booth
  9. Militant optimist – Via Nick Booth
  10. Be open by default and think in the public – Catherine Howe
  11. Build relationships not structures – Catherine Howe
  12. Make sure participation is worthwhile – Catherine Howe
  13. If you’re going to post anything controversial be there to respond – Alison Hook
  14. Tell the stories, share what we’re doing – Justin Griggs
  15. You’ll be pleased to hear I’m not going to sing – Nigel Bishop

The task now is to reflect on the above and the conversations which took place throughout the day, and think about how it can be implemented to improve the service we provide. That may take a bit longer.

Kate Bentham

10th September 2012


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