A photomarathon challenge part 1

So I set this photomarathon challenge. What was I thinking? Turns out it’s rock hard. I’m offering these pictures up as a Part One. It’s not the complete challenge, so no extra cake for me, but it’s a contribution never the less.

A sense of the place you live

I live in a village at the foot of Grinshill in Shropshire. It is an amazing place for walks and being outdoors. From our front door to the beacon on top of Grinshill takes about 20 minutes and is well worth the stroll. When you reach the top of Grinshill you are welcomed with views right across Shropshire and beyond. On a clear day you can look out to other natural landmarks such as The Wrekin, Wenlock Edge, Clee Hill, Long Mynd, and Stiperstones. Grinshill was (is?) a quarry for Grinshill Sandstone, of which our house and parts of 10 Downing Street are made from. There’s a school half way up the hill and children have to climb up part of the rockface to get to school, and the rock juts out in the playground creating one of the best natural climbing frames.

There are several resting places on the way up to the top of the hill, and about half way up you will find a bench. It’s a great place to catch your breath and just sit, but I especially like this bench because of its inscription. ‘These hills are in my bones’ For Edwin. I don’t know Edwin, or the person who remembered his life in this way but to me the words symbolise love; both Edwin’s love for Grinshill and a person’s love for Edwin. I can imagine Edwin climbing the hill, resting a while and looking out over a timeless view. I am sure that the hills will be in my bones too.


I’m submitting this photo of pink flamingos for my community category. It was taken at La Palmyre zoo on the west coast of France. We had an old VW campervan and for 4 summers travelled from top to bottom and from left to right. We visited the zoo one damp day and had lots of fun showing our young son the animals. The flamingos smelt vile, but they looked so colourful – and they all had that sense of community, standing one legged with their neck bent. There was something about the togetherness of this group which makes me think of community. I don’t think that to be in a community you all need to be doing the same, but you do need to have a feeling of being one.


For the family category I wanted to share one of our favourite places in the world. This picture is taken at the back of the Wrekin, off the beaten track. It’s become our own family tradition to visit the bluebells every year and are constantly amazed by the sight we see. Fields of blue amongst trees and ferns. I like this picture because of the path going through the middle. It looks inviting and I always think there is opportunity waiting to be discovered in going off the beaten track and exploring.


This is my close up photo of some snow. I noticed it one morning on the roof of my car when I was setting off to work. The sun was just breaking through and touched the top of the flakes. I couldn’t help but go back inside to get the camera.

So, that’s 4 categories down, 6 to go before I get that cake. What I noticed when I was looking through my photos is that I have quite a few photos without people in them (apart from my son but that doesn’t really count, all parents have stacks of photos of their children), but I actually prefer photos with people in them. I guess the opportunity to get good people photos is harder, afterall a mountain can’t move or blink at the last minute can it? But I like looking a faces and at characters. Hopefully in the remaining 6 categories I can include some photos of faces – but certainly not my own.
Kate Bentham

27th September 2012


One thought on “A photomarathon challenge part 1

  1. Some lovely thoughts and photos here Kate, I love bluebell woods, the halls of residence I lived in during my first two years at uni had a fabulous wood around it full of bluebells, you have prompted me to go and look in my old albums and see if I can find a photo to share!

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