Lost: Social Media Mojo

For nearly 2 years I have managed my work’s social media accounts. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Google + and a blog. I’ve worked hard to develop relationships, respond to comments, engage with the communities around those platforms, keep the posts interesting, relevant and friendly, and to make the most of the potential these platforms offered.

We’ve had varying degrees of success with the various platforms and have been seen as a bit of a trailblazer for other frontline services within the local authority to consider using social media. On the whole things have been going well.

But it is fair to say that over the last few months I have lost my way a little bit with my work social media accounts. I’ve lost some oomph. The numbers of posts were slipping; it started to feel like a chore, something else to add to my overflowing to do list.

So why now?

  • I’ve been a lone ranger managing the accounts by myself for two years.
  • I’ve been short staffed and we’ve been firefighting for ages.
  • I took a first hit of criticism a few weeks back on Facebook  and that might have knocked my confidence.
  • I’ve had so much work to do I  haven’t been able to plan, do, review.
  • It’s not easy to see the impact, so how can I tell if the effort is paying off?
  • It’s good to talk to other frontline services using social media, and I haven’t spoken to anyone in a similar situation for about 4 months.

So, how can I get some of that spark back?

  • I need some inspiration and to surround myself with people who are also managing social media accounts.
  • I need to ask customers what they like, what they don’t, what they want from the sites.
  • I need to keep generating new ideas, new campaigns, and new posts.
  • I need some new work equipment rather than relying on my own. Proper tools for the job.
  • I need to free up some more time, and if I can’t do this in the 9-5 I need to look at the impact on Family life of doing some of this in the evenings and at weekends.
  • I need some back up and to holler if I need some support.
  • I need to try even harder. For the last 2 years I’ve known this stuff doesn’t come easy, and I’m not afraid of hard work, and I know I’ll get back what I’ve put in.

It’s been a good 2 years so far, and I’m hopeful the next 2 will be the same and if I can’t find my social media mojo, maybe I should just look for a mojito instead. Cheers.

12 thoughts on “Lost: Social Media Mojo

  1. I completely aggree with your points. Social media is here to stay – but what should go?

    How many c90 tapes do you have in you house ? Not many I bet – or if you do – you probably don’t listen to them anymore.

    Decent kit is so neccessary – makes it more easy , spontaneous ,a delight.

    Please keep up the blogging – are there other team members who could write for your blogs ?

    • Thanks for the comment – our citizens are having conversations on differant platforms – We went on Google + as research showed us the majority of users were male – so we saw this as a change to target more dads, Twitter gives us the chance to have conversations with many like minded partner agencies and organisations, the blogs gives us the chance to have a very dynamic presence and also showcase the work of other children, young people and family services, and Facebook because so many parents use facebook. We have they all offer us the chance have conversations with differant traget audiences.

  2. Hi Kate. This is *exactly* why regular meet-ups like minicakecamp are needed. To recharge batteries, to discover ideas and to remind yourself that its not you its them.

  3. I’ve no doubt that you’ve developed a very positive influence within Shropshire Kate, and you may find some satisfaction from realising that you’ve also inspired other FIS services to take the leap of (facebook) faith. After months and months of gentle nudging, and many references to your fb page and blog as examples of great practice, I finally managed to help our FIS service take the plunge. http://Www.fb.com/conwyfis is now live and has attracted about 70 followers in the first six weeks or so.

    • Whoop whoop well done you! That’s great news. I’ve started some research into other FISs on FB so will add it to the list to review. Of course you were a massive influence to me in the early days, and for that I will always be thankful x

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  5. I admire immensely what you’re doing. I wonder if you can get more guest bloggers? I’m not sure what you’ve done already but would occasional posts about what is provided by other parts of the local authority fit in? eg maybe somebody from the local museums or library service or leisure services to do a post on what they provide for people with young children? Somebody from parks to talk about the benefits of outdoor play? Could you involve other staff at least in coming up with new ideas for blog content?
    I think it’s difficult to stay fresh without a break and you’ve done extremely well to get so far before feeling you’re flagging.

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