A blast from his past

We live down a single track lane, with a dead end at the bottom. We often get cars slowly going passed, their drivers lost, having taken a wrong turn, so it was not unusual to be looking out of the kitchen window and see a drive by car, with the driver staring back at me, a bit confused.

And that’s what happened a few weeks back, I was home alone when another seemingly lost driver, cruised past slowly, staring in the window. The next thing though doesn’t happen that often. There was a knock at the door and the driver was stood there.

Me ‘Hello’

Him ‘I’m sorry to stop but I felt compelled too.

Me: How can I help?

Him: Does Sarah Davies live here?’

Me: ‘Sorry no.’

Him: ‘I dated Sarah for the 3 years when we were at university in Manchester together. This was her dad’s house and I would often stay when I came to visit her during the holidays.

Me: ‘Would you like to come in and have a look round?’

What! Yes he could have been anyone, he could have been a mass murderer and I did nearly ask him that as he set foot in the house, but he looked like he was on a trip down memory lane, and by asking him in could help bring back some (happy) memories from his past.

Turns out Him is actually called Liam and is now a 26 year old teacher in Coventry. He’d been to Chester for the weekend, travelling back down the A41 and seen a sign for a nearby village thinking that was where the house was. He’d driven round lost before finally remembering the name of our village and had then driven round trying to get his bearings.

He remembers the house fondly and the people who lived there. He told me how the house used to be lived in; he said it was more chaotic, pots and pans hanging from the hooks in the kitchen where now there are children’s drawings, and mounts of walking boots and mud that filled the corner where now there is a sofa.

As he wandered round each room, it was clear that he was enjoying his trip down memory lane, as he strolled back down the stairs gushing about the view, it was at that point Mr B arrived back home…

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