My day in 10 pictures

I like a challenge, and when I saw the brilliantly themed #mydayin10pics hashtag, I was there. The original idea came from Janet Harkin and this is her blog on the subject My day in 10 pictures 

So, this was my Friday 30th November 2012, in ten pictures.

Come rain or shine, my day begins with Mr B bringing me a cup of tea in bed. It usually also counts as breakfast too, unless pork pie is on offer.


I like Friday’s, especially as I don’t officially work on Fridays. When I returned to work after maternity leave, I changed my working hours and spent Friday’s with my son. Friday’s would be our play days. Days for adventure and lots of fun. This September he started school, and Fridays are less fun now without him. But it does mean I get to do the school run for one day of the week, which I love. School is in the village and so we can walk there. It’s an old Victoria school built in the shadow of the church, as was often the case. The unusual aspect is that the school is built on the side of Grinshill, a quarry. People think I am joking when I say the school is inaccessible by car, and children have to climb rock face to get to school but it’s true. These two pictures show the path up to school and some of the rock the children (and an unfit me) have to clamber over.

IMG00016-20121130-0909   IMG00013-20121130-0906

As t’is the season to be jolly I head into Shrewsbury to do a bit of Christmas shopping. This is a picture of a swollen River Severn after a week of rain. The bridge is the Welsh Bridge, there is also an English Bridge too, just for balance.


Aside from biscuits, Shrewsbury is probably more famous for being the birthplace of Charles Darwin. There is a festival to celebrate his work each year. One of the discussions at last year’s festival was by the fab Jon King who suggested Darwin would have been on Twitter. He is of course, Charles Darwin although has been a bit quiet of late. Darwin isn’t the only Shrewsbury statue on twitter, there’s Lord Hill and Clive of India and in honour of Darwin, Quantum Leap or Slinky as it’s also known.


One of my fav shops is Watson and Thornton, a traditional haberdashery. I went in looking for some fabric, but these bright buttons caught my eye.


This Friday was a bit special as Shrewsbury played host to a mini comms cake camp. The mini being a reference to the size of the camp not the size of the cake. It’s the second of these very informal gatherings to have taken place, where comms colleagues across the West Mids meet, chat about projects, try to find solutions to issues, and eat cake. All very civilised. There was much discussion about monitoring of social media to be able to answer the ‘So what?’ question #localgov officers may be asked by managers or members. Answers to this one on the back of a postcard please.


Back home to find out the 5yo is to play a shepherd in the school concert. This is him trying tea towels on for size. I’ll have to take some tissues when I go and watch. Emotional mum.


The first Christmas I knew Mr B, he left a Poinsettia on my doorstep on his way to work one morning. It was such a nice surprise. He buys one for me every year now and leaves it on the doorstep. This one was waiting when I got home. It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.


The day ends with lighting the fire and pouring a glass of wine. Cheers y’all and thanks for reading.


Kate Bentham

Monday 3rd December 2012

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