My Year in 12 Cakes

I like cake, who doesn’t? So after a #weeklyblogclub suggestion of #myyearin12pics I thought I would have a look at #myyearin12cakes.

Birthday Cake: – my year starts with cake – birthday cake. I was working on my birthday, but when I’m Queen of flipping everything, I’ll pass a law which says you don’t have to work on your birthday. Vote for change, vote for cake, vote for me.


Chocolate fudge cake – we had some special visitors from Walsall Council so I made an extra chocolatety #8884


Carrot Cake – My meetings with our Head of Digital Comms and Innovation usually involve cake, it was my turn, so this was my offering.


Victoria Sponge – a visit to my Nan’s and a classic sponge for tea. My middle name is actually Victoria, it was a sign, my future was already mapped out for me.


Curly Wurly Cake – this is my invention, I leave it to the world. Yum.


Bara Brith – a traditional Welsh cake, it’s compulsory to eat with a least an inch of butter.


Filthy Dirty Baileys Chocolate Cheesecake – The MK Bens were visiting so I made my best cheesecake.


Pavlova – we had a team away day, with a bring and share lunch, one lovely team member made this, one of the nicest things I’ve ever tasted.


Chocolate Brownies – Our Modern Apprentice’s mum keeps us supplied with cakes, she’s a mighty fine cook.


Doughnuts – They were mini ones, which means you can have two.


Rocky Road Fridge Cake – Finally I had mastered the fridge cake, without needing to put it in the freezer.


Mince Pie – another offering by our Modern Apprentices Mum. Happy Christmas!


Happy Cakemas y’all

Kate Bentham

24th December 2012

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