#nurture1213 Hopes

My last post was on the highlights of 2012, as part of the #nurture1213 tag, now it’s time to look at my hopes for 2013.

1) Loved ones
More time with my family and friends is high on my hopes for the new year. We all want this right? I want to be with the people that I love and to cherish the times we have, sadly the opportunity might not be there forever. No regrets.
2) A sunny summer
Now I know this isn’t in my control, but I just long for sunny days, time outdoors, smiles, upbeat attitudes, long days, warmth on my face. And I’ll even suffer the months of hay fever and too much flesh on show displays for a glorious summer, you know, like the ones we used to have when we were kids.
3) Health for my family
A few illnesses and ailments have caused suffering and pain to family over the last year, and I hope they have some relief from this during the new year.
4) A sense of well being
I need to also look after myself. This involves eating well (less cake?), doing some exercise, and being happy in the skin I’m in.
5) Do more
There are times when I wonder if I make the best use of time, and I’m not sure I do. Sometimes I would like to do more, be more productive, less slug like. Have some get up and go. I don’t want to waste my time, but to feel I’ve achieved something with it. And something significant, worthwhile.
6) Opportunities
I applied for something before Christmas, it wasn’t a job but a position for a charity I really respect. I’m waiting to hear if I’ve been successful. If not, then I hope similar opportunities might come my way in 2013.
7) Time
I need to plan my work time better, schedule in admin time, plotting time, and review time. Things are getting missed, things aren’t being completed, I’m not being the support I should be. Organising my time better will help. Being realistic will also help. Saying no occasionally will also help, lots.
8) Read a book
A simple one but I hope to read at least one book in 2013. I used to read books everyday before sleep, but then I joined the knackered parents club and haven’t really read a book since.
9) No tech Monday
Something we introduced this year, and it took off for a while, but we have no tech available on a Monday when we get in from work. No telly box, no gadgets, no smartphones, no game box. Nothing. Music is allowed but that’s it. Try it yourself, see how you handle it.
10) Stability at work
A tricky one this, we’ve been in a state of uncertainty for over 2 years in local gov, and whilst I don’t think the uncertainty is going to change, I at least hope for some stability. I’ve had 5 managers in the last 18 months, and recruited to 5 vacant posts in my own team in the last 12 months. This takes up an enormous amount of time and energy and it’s no wonder I feel things are being missed and not completed.
11) Crafty
So, I want to do something creative, crafty. Make a few things. Make use of my non tech mondays, feel I have put my time to some use, feel less slug like, well being, achievement.
12) Safeguarding Children and families
We all have a role to play in keeping our children safe and my hope is that more children are protected from child abuse in 2013, and less women are not subjected to domestic abuse. My service does a lot to prevent family circumstances escalating before they need specialist services or when children meet the threshold for safeguarding and child protection and I’ll continue to do all I can.
13) Meet ups
There are some people I am looking forward to meeting for the first time in 2013, and some I am looking forward to meeting again.

Whatever 2013 brings, I hope it’s full of love, laughter and health.

My very best wishes to you.
Kate Bentham
1st January 2013

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