The reason for the season

I had a post planned for this week but have embargoed it for a week or two, so then started looking for an alternative post instead. I saw that the [completely optional] theme for weekly blog club this week was snow, or weather generally, so as I woke up today with a spattering of snow on the ground, with a shed load due, I thought I’d share some photos of the weather, and in particular ones which represent the seasons.  I also wanted to show that a contribution to weekly blog club can just be a photo with a few words about them.

I love the change in the seasons and the impact the weather can have on the mind and how it can change behaviours. There’s a sense of hope and anticipation as the Spring arrives and an emergence of new life both ourselves and nature. When Summer is actually sunny there is a very positive feel to life, people generally seem happier. Autumn probably comes around a little bit too quickly, but we’re probably ok with it, as long as there’s an Indian Summer feel to it. After that, we’re all preparing ourselves to hibernation, seek out comfort and batter down the hatches ready for Winter.

Winter – This photo was taken about 2 years ago in the field at the bottom of the garden. The then 3yo was playing in the snow and trying to pull together a snow ball.

Making snow balls

Winter – Making Snow Balls

In the Spring we always head to The Wrekin for a walk amongst the Bluebells. The best are round the back, off the beaten track, where they grow for as far as the eye can see. It’s a very peaceful and still place. Good for thinking.

Spring - Bluebell walks

Spring – Bluebell walks

Summer – I suffer for most of the summer with hayfever; reflecting the sun with my fair English rose skin; and having to see too much unsightly flesh on display, but I am rewarded with ice creams, barbies, and long evenings sat outside. I really hope we have a good summer in 2013. I love the photo for the colour match of the paddling pool and the fields.

Summer - Paddling pools

Summer – Paddling pools

Autumn – One of my favourite photos of the then 4yo, having fun with a big pile of fallen leaves, moments later they were thrown in my face, oh how we laugher (him more than me)

Autumn - Leaves

Autumn – Leaves

I hope these photos not only show the seasons but also show fun and the different play available depending on the season. So if the snow does arrive as predicted – get outside, make a snowman, have a snowball fight, lie on the ground and make a snow angle. Enjoy the weather because before you know it, we’ll have moved on to Spring and be looking out for buds and new growth, and another couple of months of our lives will have passed us by.

Kate Bentham

17th January 2013

4 thoughts on “The reason for the season

  1. Some lovely pictures but Kate, that is NOT snow. That’s a light Autumnal dusting. OK, OK so I’m just jelous we’ve been dealing with 12ft snow drifts this week

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