Look after my husband

Today we’ve been to a friends birthday party, it was a significant one, for lots of reasons, not only the number, but also because 2 weeks ago she was told she had treatable but not curable cancer.

Over 70 people crammed into their house to eat birthday cake, but that wasn’t what we were all there for. We all went to show her that she has back up, support, that we are all fighting this with her, that we are on her side.

Her treatment starts on Friday and it’s going to be tough, it’s going to be shit in fact, and there will be hard times ahead, but I am hopeful that in those dark moments she will be able to think back to today and remember the faces of her family and friends who were there and feel the love that was in the room, and that will help to carry her through.

As we left the party, we hugged, we cried and she whispered in my ear ‘look after my husband’ and I cried some more.

3 thoughts on “Look after my husband

  1. Beautifully written and well said, Kate.

    We don’t do enough of this looking after each other business.

    Not nearly enough.

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