A Done List

I like developing project plans and action plans. They are like one big to do list and I’m a big fan of lists. They help me look organised when actually I work very chaotically. They help me stay focused. They remind me of deadlines, and I’ve realised I work much better when there is a (squidgy) deadline hanging over me. They help me plan my work, priorities the tasks. I’m not sure I would work as efficiently without a to do list.

But equally to do lists can make me feel over whelmed when I see the volume of work in one long list. I also look at a to do list and tend to pick off the easy tasks, the quick fixes, possibly avoiding the big stuff.

I met with one of the team today for supervision and she came with a to do list and also a done list. I instantly loved the idea of a done list.

One of the best things about to do lists is the satisfaction of being able to tick off items but imagine then seeing everything you have done in a list. What a sense of achievement.

It could not only help with motivation but could also be a great reflective practice tool and help keep track of the work undertaken. Sometimes it’s not about what I plan to do but instead what I have actually achieved.

I can have a to do list for a day or week or month but then things come up unexpectedly and it’s easy to forget that I’ve also completed additional work, so a done list will keep track of these.

It’s not about making more work by creating another list, and I’m not going to give up my to do list in favour of a done list, but at the end of a busy day or week, or during a project I’m going to certainly create a done list.

And writing this blog is one thing I’ll add to my done list today.

Kate Bentham
14 February 2013

One thought on “A Done List

  1. I really like the idea of a Done List! As someone who quite disorganised to do lists can feel quite daunting, but a done list is rather uplifting! I took a list of consultations I’d responded to to our last team meeting, and I must admit it was very uplifting!

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