A Rural Walk April 2013

I’m a big fan of the blog posts from Janet Davis who takes us on an Urban Walk. Janet shares photos of objects and items she spots along the way, seeing the beauty in the ordinary, and making me look at the everyday in a new way. Me and the 5yo went for a walk around the village and fields on Sunday, so I thought I’d take some photos along the way and create a Rural walk post. So, here are some of the things we saw along the way…

A few of my favourite images include the word BOXE carved into one of the sandstone bricks which makes up part of a house in the village. I have no idea how old this is, but there are other houses in the village with words or initials carved into them. A little piece of history, captured. Also the Interesting Grave points to there being a mistake on the Gravestone – but if you look again you will see that there are two mistakes – did you spot them? *

Kate Bentham

11th April 2013

* This mistakes are that February is spelt incorrectly but also the date of the death was 29th February 1835 – but 1835 couldn’t have been a leap year as it isn’t divisible by 4.

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