Be careful what you click on, you can’t unsee what you’ve seen

I clicked on a few links recently, which I really wished I hadn’t, because now those images are in my head and I can’t unsee the sad things I’ve seen.

I’ve seen a child lying with a drawing of its mother on the floor, I’ve seen a comedian talk about his 2 year old daughter dying of cancer, and tonight I’ve seen images of the awful events at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

I’ve cried at all of these. In truth I knew I shouldn’t click, that the image wasn’t going to be happy, nice, showing good, but still I clicked.

The web can bring me news, allow me to share in other people’s stories, to show the impact of events, but I need to remember that whilst it can do this instantly, sometimes it’s best not to look too hard to find it, because once I’ve seen it, it can stay there, and the sadness I felt at first sight, stays there too.

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