A Beach Walk May 2013

I am very lucky to be able to head to a field in Wales during the spring and summer months and spend my time walking the hills or the beautiful coastline. I have heard it said that Shropshire would have a wonderful coastline if it weren’t for Wales. The beaches are wide and sandy, and the sea is cold, unless you’re five, and then it’s just fun. From the door of Bentham Towers to the field of fun it’s two hours. So on a Friday, or when it’s the school break, and the sun is shining (although we have been there many a time when the sun isn’t shining, and in fact the rain in lashing down) we head off on our jolly holidays. With two bank holidays and a half term in May we were there quite a few weekends. The weather was typically mixed but that didn’t stop us heading to the beach for some exploring. Here are a few pictures of some of the interesting things we found.


2 thoughts on “A Beach Walk May 2013

  1. I love this post! I love the coast and my earliest experience of beaches included Welsh beaches – and you found some wonderfully interesting things! Thanks for sharing, Kate 🙂

  2. I’ve always lived right next to the beach & growing up I would see loads of jelly fish. You never seem to see them now (on the East Coast anyway)

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