Understanding communication aka Say What?!?

For all who clicked on this blog thinking I might finally have something insightful to say about comms, I am sorry to disappoint. Yes it is a blog about the art of communicating, but it’s mainly a blog about my 5 year old as he grapples with pronunciation.

We all know that learning to communicate is vital to children as they discover more about the world around them. There was even a national programme introduced a few years back called Every Child A Talker, which focused specifically on developing language and communications skills in the 0-5 years. Research had showed that some children were entering school with language impoverishment, something which was linked to having a negative impact on their progress at school and chances throughout life. There were roles for Early Years Practitioners, and naturally a role for parents, encouraging more and more parents to communication with their child, and encouraging their child’s understanding of language.

I sometimes wonder though what support there is for parents to understand the language of their child. Since our son started muttering his first words we’ve been keeping a log of his mispronunciations so we don’t forget, although some of them we’re unlikely to forget, as they have become integrated into the Bentham vernacular.

Here’s the list

  • Whoops a lady = whoops a daisy
  • Dugga decker = double decker
  • Magabean = magazine
  • Massey furgalong = Massey furgason
  • Scetti = spaghetti
  • Popporn = popcorn
  • Handcluffs = handcuffs
  • Sisney = Disney
  • Cazzuzzi = jacuzzi
  • Consucksion = instruction
  • B and chew = B&Q
  • Justin = adjusting
  • Pewter = computer
  • Knockenos = binoculars
  • Gigantist = gigantic
  • Weather corecast = weather forecast
  • Fank chew = thank you
  • Gwurls = girls
  • Hale bale = hay bale
  • Idections = directions
  • Lip blarm = lip balm
  • Aminal = animal
  • Cheery toes = Cheerios

Fank Chew for reading


Wednesday 19th June

4 thoughts on “Understanding communication aka Say What?!?

  1. I really enjoyed reading this – but, Kate, I’m a little concerned as to how & why handcluffs are in his vocabulary at such an early age! ‘Aminal’ sounds so familiar to me, I think I must have said it. I know I used to say ‘bo peep’ instead of ‘peep-bo,’ and still almost say ‘par cark’ instead of ‘car park.’ I also get ‘l’ & ‘r’ mixed in my head to this day & have to concentrate to say words like ‘celery’ which plays as ‘cerely’ in my head. My absolute favourite in your son’s is ‘cheery toes.’ đŸ™‚

    • Ha, ha, yes I can see why hand cluffs might appear strange! It’s from a police dressing up set, honest đŸ™‚ I am reminded that i used to say hodge heg (hedgehog).

  2. Brilliant post Kate. My sister used to call me Pipip as she was grasping the language. My nephew referred to mushrooms as doybees and was always playing in the ‘garned’. For some unknown reason my kids referred to knees as mababs and elbows as dandods. My favourite is my firstborn’s word for an explorer. To him David Attenborough is a blosser.

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