A Welsh Walk

Imagine if you will, it’s the 1970s, the width of a kipper tie is challenged only by the width of shirt collars, you feel a bit dizzy from the overpowering patterned dress which has out done the flock wallpaper, I’ve invited you round to my house with the lure of a glass or two of Blue Nun, a cheese fondue, a pineapple hedgehog and to show you 250 slides of photos I took on my jolly holidays to Wales, an invitation I am sure, you would find hard to resist.

Well, thankfully a lot has changed since then, mod like ties are now back in, walls aren’t flocked but various shades of beige and Prosecco seems to be the drink of the day – there is still however, a good reason to have a pineapple hedgehog though. Thankfully technology has also changed, which means you don’t have to waste spend 3 hours of your life looking at 250* photos from my holidays, it might only take 5 minutes instead.
So, we went to Wales and spent a couple of lovely weeks eating ice cream, going on bike rides, visiting castles, playing on the beach, travelling by miniture railways and small boats, crabbing (5yo) and catching fish (Mr B). We made some wonderful memories during the summer of 2013.
* it isn’t really 250, phew.

Thanks for looking
6th September 2013

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