#Nurture1314 Hopes

My last post was on my Highlights of 2013, and this one is looking at my Hopes for 2014.

So, what do I Hope for the year ahead?

  1. Significant birthdays: Both myself and Mr B have significant birthdays in 2014, mine in the worst month to have a birthday and Mr Bs in September. We’re planning a Ben Fest for his – a mini festival at home. For mine, I’ve already ordered my cake (chocolate for the record). Will I freak out? Will I finally feel like a grown up? Or will I just have a great time with people I love? I hope so.
  2. Fitness: Last year I joined the gym, and really enjoyed it. Over recent months I haven’t made the time to go as often as I would like, but with my renewed membership beginning in January I’d like to get fitter, not fatter.
  3. Health: Various members of my family have suffered some ill health. My Nan returned home the week before Christmas after being in hospital for 3 months. She’s frail but back. It makes me think of the quote ‘health is not valued until illness comes’.
  4. Cooking: I want to do more cooking instead of eating the same old meals. I’m going to experiment with new recipes in the kitchen. Hashtag Delia.
  5. Crafty: I want to do something creative and make things.
  6. New boss: When I return to work in the new year I will have a new boss. It’s someone who I admire and have worked with for a number of years; it’s someone who knows our service and someone who will be able to offer the whole team support. It all feels very positive.
  7. Job: I hope to still have a job at the end of the year.
  8. Family Information: I hope that Shropshire still has a Family Information Service which isn’t purely online but which reaches the most vulnerable families.
  9. Online: I’ve felt that I’ve been a bit quiet online over recent months. I hope to be able to witter on twitter and blog again.
  10. Study: I’d like to do a course and do some formal learning.
  11. Skills: have I been deskilling myself? What are my skills? Do I need to find out what I’m good at again. I’m not sure what that is at the moment. I hope I can find out.
  12. Kindness: I hope for world peace, and if I can’t have that I just hope that people are kinder to each other. Life is too short to be horrid.
  13. Children: I hope that children feel loved, safe and are happy.
  14. You: I hope the things you hope for yourself and the ones you love come true in 2014.

Thanks for reading and have a great year.


Kate Bentham

Monday 30th December 2013

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