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OK, so here’s the thing. I haven’t been blogging for a while, and I’ve been wondering why that might be and what I might be able to do to sort that out.

Work has changed. It had to change. Half of my team left so we had to change, and change quickly. Aspects of work have been put on hold as we focus on the big stuff or potentially one of the wicked issues as they are referred to in Dan Slees blog Digital Step: Can we use the web to solve some of the big problems now?  A great topic to pitch at the next govcamp.

We’ve slowly been evolving into a service that now not only supports parents in accessing universal services, but are now a first point of contact for parents who have concerns about their child or young person and are looking for some early help or targeted specialist services. Access to services for children and families in need, before a social care intervention is required, but overall we’re working to ensure access to the right services at the right time.

Some of the cases which have come through lately have been full on, and that’s just from our point of view, let alone the family actually living it. As a result it seems trickier to blog or tweet about work because it’s people’s lives, and I have to respect that. I have an obligation to protect someone’s privacy and keep cases confidential, no matter how much I want to share information about the work we are doing, and the outcomes of that on the lives of parents and children, I don’t feel I can. So there is a massive element of life that seems off limits.

I got a bit nervous. I started wondering who might actually be reading my rambles. What might they think about them? Would they take objection to them? Might they misinterpret them? It just became easier not to say anything, but having a self-imposed gagging order didn’t sit comfortably. I had silenced myself and I don’t like how that makes me feel. Everyone has the right to share their feelings.

Confidence took a knocking. I read other blogs and they are interesting, insightful, relevant, and then I look at mine about cakes and ice creams and I wonder why I bother.

Faffing. I’ve spent more time than I should faffing about, rather than just getting on with it. It’s like this blog, faffing, faff, faff, so it’s time to post and move onto the next one.


Kate Bentham

Friday 14th March 2014

8 thoughts on “Back to Blog

  1. Kate, I feel my posts are inconsequential a lot of the time but I have never thought that of yours!
    Your posts are about people, and sometimes have cake and ice cream illustrations to attract us in to read them 🙂
    You deal with tough stuff in your work, and I’m well aware that other Weekly Blog Club contributors deal with tough stuff on a daily basis too. The nicer things in life play an important part in helping to keep people going each day, and that includes pleasures that appeal to most of us, such as a cake or ice cream that delights eyes as well as tastebuds. We need your delight in a day on the beach or a well-decorated ice cream, and your wonderful ability to convey love and compassion for fellow human beings that shines through your blogging.
    And remember – the bit about confidence in blogging as yourself when you work in the public sector is why the Weekly Blog Club started.

  2. Cakes and ice-creams make the world a better place, as does your blogging!

    Personally it’s been bizzare changing organisation and needing to be apolitical to an extent, but it’s also made me realise how much people value blogs and contributions from public / third sector colleagues. Hearing from people on the front line like yourself means that we can all learn from each other experiences and all collectively enjoy the ice-cream!

    Thought provoking stuff in this blog, thank you!

    – Dyfrig

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