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Should I have attended #LocalGovCamp?

LocalGovCamp took place at the weekend. It’s a place where conversations happen, ideas are formed and connections are made. Massive thanks to the organisers, especially Sarah Lay, and also to the sponsors and the attendees for making LocalGovCamp happen. You’re all amazing and I love you big time. I was lucky enough to go to … Continue reading

Nurture1314 Highlights

Last year I blogged under the Nurture1213 tag, which offered a chance to reflect on my Highlights of the year just gone by and my Hopes for the forthcoming year. It’s been interesting rereading the hopes post. Have I achieved all I wanted, and how do I feel about that? I am of course taking … Continue reading

Ebook Publishing in Local Gov

So, exciting news at Shropshire Family Information Service  HQ, we’ve published our first ebook. Let me hear you say whoop whoop. No? Just me then. Parents can now download our information on Amazon. We’re amazed by this. We feel like rockstars. We may, or may not* keep clicking on Amazon just to look at the … Continue reading

#nurture1213 Hopes

My last post was on the highlights of 2012, as part of the #nurture1213 tag, now it’s time to look at my hopes for 2013. 1) Loved ones More time with my family and friends is high on my hopes for the new year. We all want this right? I want to be with the … Continue reading

#nurture1213 Highlights

It was a couple of weeks ago when I first saw the nurture1213 hashtag, a chance to list 12 highlights from 2012 and 13 hopes for 2013. I liked the sound of this, an opportunity to reflect, and time to plan, and it involved lists, not one but two, and I’m a big fan of … Continue reading

Back to the Shop Floor

I had a summer work plan; review of processes, polices, procedures; campaign planning and preparing for our busiest month in September but staff shortages put those plans on hold. The priority for the service has always been dealing with enquiries and so my priorities for the summer had to change. With limited staffing I needed … Continue reading


I saw an interview with John Lennon (hero) and Yoko Ono once about how they met and eventually fell in love. John attended one of Yoko’s art exhibitions, where there was one piece in the collection which consisted of a set of step ladders and hanging from the ceiling above was a magnifying glass. Intrigued, … Continue reading