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Should I have attended #LocalGovCamp?

LocalGovCamp took place at the weekend. It’s a place where conversations happen, ideas are formed and connections are made. Massive thanks to the organisers, especially Sarah Lay, and also to the sponsors and the attendees for making LocalGovCamp happen. You’re all amazing and I love you big time. I was lucky enough to go to … Continue reading

Channel shift or Channel shove?

For one reason or another  I wasn’t blogging much at the time I attended the inaugural channel shift camp in November 2013, organised by the amazing Nick Hill and others at Public Sector Customer Service Forum  so this is a very delayed post on that event and my thoughts generally about channel shift. I get that there isn’t much … Continue reading

Nurture1314 Highlights

Last year I blogged under the Nurture1213 tag, which offered a chance to reflect on my Highlights of the year just gone by and my Hopes for the forthcoming year. It’s been interesting rereading the hopes post. Have I achieved all I wanted, and how do I feel about that? I am of course taking … Continue reading

Ebook Publishing in Local Gov

So, exciting news at Shropshire Family Information Service  HQ, we’ve published our first ebook. Let me hear you say whoop whoop. No? Just me then. Parents can now download our information on Amazon. We’re amazed by this. We feel like rockstars. We may, or may not* keep clicking on Amazon just to look at the … Continue reading

Why I Loved CommsCamp13

So on Tuesday 26th February I attended CommsCamp13, organised by the skilful Ann Kempster, Dan Slee and Darren Caveney. You can read more about the event here in preparation for your attendance at #commscamp14. (Did you see Dan, Ann and Darren twitch then?) A good way for me to organise initial thoughts and feelings is … Continue reading

Snowed under

I met a friend of mine for coffee the other day, it was good to catch up. He mentioned that he’d had another new line manager in a sting of line managers recently. Some had left for other positions but some were as a result of restructuring. Either way it was quite unsettling and draining … Continue reading


I saw an interview with John Lennon (hero) and Yoko Ono once about how they met and eventually fell in love. John attended one of Yoko’s art exhibitions, where there was one piece in the collection which consisted of a set of step ladders and hanging from the ceiling above was a magnifying glass. Intrigued, … Continue reading

Introverts – Shout it loud, Shout it proud

For the last two days I have been on a management training course called Creating a High Performance Culture in preparation for when the organisation moves towards performance related pay. I haven’t done any professional development for a while, and so although it was two days out of a crazy busy diary, was quite looking … Continue reading

My first UK Gov Camp

My First UK Gov Camp I’m a reflector so knew I would need time to be able to process my first ever experience of UK Gov Camp (ukgc12). I needed time before I would be able to explore both what I took from the weekend and how it made me feel (I’m also a feeler). … Continue reading