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B&Q, barbecues and bluebells

Gotta love a bank holiday. The last one we had was spent visiting B&Q (Mr Bs favourite shop), having a barbecue and visiting the bluebells off the beaten track, round the back of The Wrekin. Local folk law would have you believe that The Wrekin is a hill made when a pile of soil fell … Continue reading

My summer in 8 ice creams

It might be fair to say that autumn is here. When I’ve got in from work this week I’ve had to put on a jumper and a pair of socks. We haven’t reached the ‘officially turning on of the central heating’ date at Bentham Towers, but that date in October will be here before I … Continue reading

A Welsh Walk

Imagine if you will, it’s the 1970s, the width of a kipper tie is challenged only by the width of shirt collars, you feel a bit dizzy from the overpowering patterned dress which has out done the flock wallpaper, I’ve invited you round to my house with the lure of a glass or two of … Continue reading

A Beach Walk May 2013

I am very lucky to be able to head to a field in Wales during the spring and summer months and spend my time walking the hills or the beautiful coastline. I have heard it said that Shropshire would have a wonderful coastline if it weren’t for Wales. The beaches are wide and sandy, and … Continue reading

A Rural Walk April 2013

I’m a big fan of the blog posts from Janet Davis who takes us on an Urban Walk. Janet shares photos of objects and items she spots along the way, seeing the beauty in the ordinary, and making me look at the everyday in a new way. Me and the 5yo went for a walk around … Continue reading

The reason for the season

I had a post planned for this week but have embargoed it for a week or two, so then started looking for an alternative post instead. I saw that the [completely optional] theme for weekly blog club this week was snow, or weather generally, so as I woke up today with a spattering of snow … Continue reading

A photomarathon challenge part 1

So I set this photomarathon challenge. What was I thinking? Turns out it’s rock hard. I’m offering these pictures up as a Part One. It’s not the complete challenge, so no extra cake for me, but it’s a contribution never the less. A sense of the place you live I live in a village at … Continue reading