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Last week I helped out at weekly blog club and it felt good to be doing something to support its continuation, but one thing which struck me was the low numbers of blogs that week. We only had 3. So I pledged to make sure that my involvement also included actually blogging. I have a … Continue reading


For the last few years I’ve looked back at particular highlights of the year just passed and also used it as a chance to consider some of my hopes for the coming year. It’s interesting to look back now over three years to see how life has changed, and now here my #nurture1415 post. My … Continue reading

Understanding communication aka Say What?!?

For all who clicked on this blog thinking I might finally have something insightful to say about comms, I am sorry to disappoint. Yes it is a blog about the art of communicating, but it’s mainly a blog about my 5 year old as he grapples with pronunciation. We all know that learning to communicate … Continue reading

A Done List

I like developing project plans and action plans. They are like one big to do list and I’m a big fan of lists. They help me look organised when actually I work very chaotically. They help me stay focused. They remind me of deadlines, and I’ve realised I work much better when there is a … Continue reading

Snowed under

I met a friend of mine for coffee the other day, it was good to catch up. He mentioned that he’d had another new line manager in a sting of line managers recently. Some had left for other positions but some were as a result of restructuring. Either way it was quite unsettling and draining … Continue reading

The reason for the season

I had a post planned for this week but have embargoed it for a week or two, so then started looking for an alternative post instead. I saw that the [completely optional] theme for weekly blog club this week was snow, or weather generally, so as I woke up today with a spattering of snow … Continue reading

#nurture1213 Hopes

My last post was on the highlights of 2012, as part of the #nurture1213 tag, now it’s time to look at my hopes for 2013. 1) Loved ones More time with my family and friends is high on my hopes for the new year. We all want this right? I want to be with the … Continue reading

#nurture1213 Highlights

It was a couple of weeks ago when I first saw the nurture1213 hashtag, a chance to list 12 highlights from 2012 and 13 hopes for 2013. I liked the sound of this, an opportunity to reflect, and time to plan, and it involved lists, not one but two, and I’m a big fan of … Continue reading

My Year in 12 Cakes

I like cake, who doesn’t? So after a #weeklyblogclub suggestion of #myyearin12pics I thought I would have a look at #myyearin12cakes. Birthday Cake: – my year starts with cake – birthday cake. I was working on my birthday, but when I’m Queen of flipping everything, I’ll pass a law which says you don’t have to … Continue reading

My well-travelled Christmas Tree

I’m not much for co-ordinating and matching items in the house. If I like it, or it means something, then it’s in. It doesn’t matter that if it isn’t a particular colour or doesn’t’ go with anything else. It’s exactly the same with the Christmas decorations. Our tree doesn’t have coloured baubles, instead it has … Continue reading