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Last week I helped out at weekly blog club and it felt good to be doing something to support its continuation, but one thing which struck me was the low numbers of blogs that week. We only had 3. So I pledged to make sure that my involvement also included actually blogging.

I have a range of blogs I could choose from including:-

·         How do we nurture resilient communities in the face of community apathy?

·         Resilient communities – the ultimate Channel Shift strategy

·         Frontline Reps at GovCamps

·         How we saved our school field from development

·         Journey sticks

·         A taste sensation

Of course I have left it to the last minute, faffed and procrastinated about for a week, even evoked a squidgy deadline. But of course I haven’t written any of these blogs yet, so this is my offering.

I saw this image a few week ago on twitter and thought ‘Yep, I’m all of those’

A Field Guide to Procrastinators

A Field Guide to Procrastinators

I also saw this a while ago and thought ‘Yep, that’s me’


I think that I also wanted to show that a blog can be an image with a few words around them – and I am sure we can all pull that together, even the most professional procrastinators amongst us.

Thanks for reading

Kate Bentham

12th February 2015

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